wtorek, 19 lipca 2016

BE a poem.

I was pretty busy lately. Working on preparations for NATO summit in Warsaw. Now I am relaxing in my village. Therefore I prepared that quick post from my short trip to Italy. I spent few lovely days in Verona and Venice with by beloved friend Daisy. Enjoy :)

Murano glass

niedziela, 15 maja 2016

Tell me a line from a poem, that you can’t forget.

Take a walk on the wild side of life

2 people, 6 days, 8 countries, 28 lifts, even more BEAUTIFUL people, over 3000 kilometers!

 At the beginning of May me and my beloved one set off in the early morning on a journey. It was a part of our mission to see and more, to look and hear more carefully, try get the most of our lives, to live them to the fullest. The magic of hitchhiking is - in my opinion - that you can't plan simply anything!!! To be honest, our only aim was to reach Croatia. We could't even predict where we will spend our next time (we managed that only once during our 6 day trip!! :) ) We got stuck on petrol station near Vienna for nearly 20 hours! Slept twice in a tent next to petrol stations in Austria and Slovenia, got off the beaten track several times, my skin has developed some allergy (it was itchy as GRRRRRRRR), BUT I am grateful for every experience!

 We passed through: Warsaw-Katowice-Cieszyn-Brno-Bratislava-Vienna-Graz-Ljubljana-Lanterna-Porec-Lim fjord-Pula-Rovinj-Maribor-Budapest-Bratislava-Częstochowa-Warsaw.

One dream more marked off my bucket list <3


    Second hand shop in Pula. Pretty cool, huh?